A breath of poetry is enough to perfume a whole sky

I draw and sculpts in a living element, the only master of places and events.
Animated by the wind, my drawings come to life and sublimate the subtle magic of the impalpable.
They make imperishable the memory of each moment, fragile and ephemeral.

Based in Lorient, Brittany, Alain Micquiaux presents his idea of the wind and draws it in the sky with kites. By creating flying forms inspired by nature, he draws live paintings and Aeolian sculptures. It's a wind puppeteer that takes you on a journey of fascination and poetry.


Bouquet of Flying Poppies

Symbol of Morpheus

Shoal of Fish

Element Change

Arches of O

Celestial Sculptures

Profile Project

Wind Dancer


The Poppies Bouquet Suspended

Animates with a draft

Butterfly Dance

Interwined in a endless parade

Latest Blog Articles

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The kite that does not make sense.
To put urgently in all hands

cerf-volant, Le papillon Morpho


Butterfly kite.
For poets and pilots





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