Portrait of a creator

A meeting for a portrait

Rencontre avec Paul May

In August 2017, Paul May, who is a reporter for the famous German magazine “Kite and Friends” invited me to his favorite place of vacation to make an article making my portrait of kite designer.
So it was during a very pleasant sunny Breton day that I met Paul and Angie.

Read the excerpt of this article on the kite and Friends website: https://www.kite-and-friends.de/news/der-bretonische-zauber-von-alain-micquiaux/
Get the magazine : https://www.alles-rund-ums-hobby.de/de/zeitschriften/kite-friends/kite-friends-ausgabe-02-2018

extrait Kite and Friends

Spotorno – Festival del Vento

Traveling to Spotornofestival di aquiloni Spotorno

It was on a warm invitation from the 30 Kite Club that we went to the 19th Festival del Vento de Spotorno. Nestled between sea and mountains, Spotorno is a very charming Italian town on the north coast of the Mediterranean, about 60 kilometers from Genoa.

The festival puts the dishes in the big and welcomes its participants in an exceptional way. We were staying at Hotel Tirreno, with our feet in the sand … where we also enjoyed fantastic meals, representative of the generous Italian culinary culture.

On our arrival, the day before the festival, it was under a radiant sun that we prepared the Bouquet of Poppies and the Arches d’O so that the public can make the most of this Mediterranean weekend, under the sign of wind.

No chance

The long-awaited Italian sun was out of the game and the weather was not in our favor. It is by a total and remarkable absence of the wind as well as under a rain recalling the winter Brittany that the week-end was unrolled.
This did not stop us from growing the Bouquet of Hanging Poppies and preparing the O Arches for take-off. The rare courageous public could benefit from a perfectly unusual vision of the Spotorno beach.

After a Saturday already wet, while the evening in full swing in a warm atmosphere, we learn that the festival is canceled for the day Sunday because of a weather alert announcing very heavy rain.
A bit disappointed by this cancellation, so we will spend this Sunday day watching the rain fall. Then, equipped like the sailors under the waterspouts, we will finish this day by the complete disassembly of the wet poppies.

Despite these exceptional conditions during this festival, we will keep a memory of a fabulous weekend in a Mediterranean atmosphere and full of friends.
Thanks to 30 Kite Club, thank you Giancarlo!


The website of the association 30Kite Club : http://30kiteclub.it

Addict-kite Awards 2017

Single-line and builder of the year at the 2017 Addict-kite Awards

A double honor

For the second consecutive year, you have elected to the AK Awards the kite SWITCH the best kite single-line. It is a double honor that rewards this incredible kite to put in all hands. Creativity is again put forward! Thank you !!

Find the Switch in the online store.

A great surprise for a small manufacturer

Among the wide choice of builders, you have taken the party of innovation and creation. It’s a great honor you make me! It’s a recognition of my research work in a field where so many inventions remain to be discovered.

First video for Les Coquelicots in Penvins

Congratulations to Pauline Garraud for her film “Les Coquelicots de Penvins” which received the first prize exequal with the film of the festival “Les natur’ailes”

Many thanks to readers and the Addick-Kite team for their work.

To read : All the results of the 2017 Addict-Kite Awards

Morpho, le papillon cerf-volant de Alain Micquiaux

Marseille 2017 Capital of Sport

Sport and kites

Capitale Europeenne du sport 2017 - Sport céleste

Celestial sport was the subject of the thirty second edition of the Marseille wind festival. For this event or gathering artists and acrobats of the family of the kite of the whole world, a free contest of aerial ballet was organized. Among the pilots of the various usual categories (2 lines and 4 lines: individual, pair and team), I presented in music, an original ballet with my acrobatic single-wire kite, the Switch. Out of twenty participants, it is a very honorable fourth place that rewards my ballet just behind the best pilots world in 4 lines that occupy the first three places. It is therefore possible to perform an aerial dance and to infuse emotions with a single-wire kite in comparison with the performance of very technical gear.

Sport Céleste avec le Switch
© Photo Michel Cetri
Des Coquelicots sur le Prado

Under a radiant sun and a light morning wind, I installed a Bouquet of Poppies on the sand of Prado de Marseille. The wonder of the children was immediately translated by their invasion of the bouquet of giant flowers.

Un aquarium géant

It was in a steady wind that I realized an unusual arrangement of the O Arches. In association with Eolia Concept and its giant marine creatures, I installed all the O’s around the blue octopus creating an unlikely aquatic atmosphere.


To read also, all the articles of my participations in the festival of Marseille: https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/tag/marseille-en/

Impossible discretion at Etel

A dog in the wind at Etel

Article of the newspaper The telegram of 27 September 2017.
It is in test of a new installation and thinking to be sufficiently discreet that a reporter who had been warned came to find me to have some explanations on this flying sculpture.

Read the full article on the Telegram website : http://www.letelegramme.fr/bretagne/un-chien-dans-le-vent-a-etel-27-09-2017-11678978.php#

Article du Télégramme du 27-09-2017

The Switch in Test in Kite and Friends

The Switch under test everywhere in Kites and FriendsKite and Friends Septembre/Octobre 2017

The Switch was thoroughly tested in the specialist magazine “Kite and Friends” of September-October 2017. Ralf Dietrich thus “gets to the grinder” this original and truly new kite.

“Genialer Konzept-Kite aus Frankreich”

Known as brilliant, the Switch has obviously made new followers among the reporters of one of the most relevant magazines of the world of the kite. A summary of this article is also available on the Kite and Friends website at : http://www.kite-and-friends.de/news/genialer-konzept-kite-aus-frankreich/
It is possible to acquire a hard copy of this edition on the online site : https://www.alles-rund-ums-hobby.de/de/zeitschriften/kite-friends/kite-friends-ausgabe-05-2017

Test du Switch dans Kite and Friends

What’s more, the Switch had already been recognized kite of the year 2016 by online readers of the online magazine Addict Kite.
See the article
: https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/single-line-of-the-year/

See also: To buy a Switch, go to the online shop https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/shop/switch/

Poppies of Penvins

A morning of magic at Penvins Point

From the 14th to the 16th of July 2017 the feast The Days of the Wind,  organized by the association Penvins Cerf-Volant, celebrated its fifteenth edition under a wind in accordance with a radiant sun and a calm and cool sea .

Coqueliots a Penvins
On the morning of the 15th of July, the wind was very soft and calm, perfect for a new installation, such as a gift to Notre-Dame-de-la-Côte. Everyone was invited to go to the tip of the peninsula for a dreamlike ballad in a surprising Bouquet of Giant Poppies.

So I present to you the film of the installation superbly captured by Pauline Garraud on a music of Klifa Rachedi and Maud Rached.

Here, finally, in photos these moments in the transfigured scenery of the western tip of the peninsula. A magnificent, wild place, where everyone has been able to approach nature and discover remarkable points of view.


I thank the association Penvins Kite, the partners of the festival and also all the volunteers who make it live.

To visit: The website of Penvins Kite: www.penvins-cerf-volant.org
Pauline Garraud’s website: www.hybridediffusion.com

Mobile and Volubile

Mobiles for a festival that moves
Mobile et Volubile

It is on the theme of the mobile that the festival A Tout Vent of the city of Notre Dame de Monts celebrated its fifteenth birthday.
On the beach, the presence of the creations of Maurizio Cenci of the Italian association Vulandra (www.vulandra.it) with its extraordinary flying sculptures have brought an inventive, surprising, even humorous dimension to the festival.
The finesse and poetry of the kites of Daniela Zitzman charmed the public walking on the beach. René Maier once again bewitched the whole of visitors with his installations of beating hearts to the ripples of the wind.
The Sentinels of Ramlal Tien also embellished the sky, covering the central space of the festival. Anna Rubin was also present and had her majestic paper and bamboo creations stolen.
There was also this year Jean Paul Richon, who made the sky on the north side of his arches and his deltas Conynes so special, with hundreds of metallic ribbons playing with the rays of the sun. Great!
On the south flight zone, Derek Khun stretched his immense banners in the sky accompanying the entire R-Sky team, which put its energy in the flight of its giant octopuses.
Not to mention the many kite-flyers, coming from near and far, to decorate the sky by the diversity of their creations, to present their ballet alone or as a team, and simply to share moments of conviviality.

Inspired by the theme of mobile, I realized a new installation using my Morpho Butterflies created 17 years ago. Mounted 2 by 2 on a scale suspended from a fishing rod, each couple of butterfly performed a poetic dance similar to the parade of the lepidoptera in the time of the loves.

Mobile Oblique and Bancal

This edition was again the occasion for new spectacular experiences. The Transe Express Company(www.transe-express.com) moved to the festival for his MOB show “Mobile Oblique et Bancal”.
If the combination of this human spectacle with that of the kites was delicate for obvious security reasons, the interest of associating the street arts with the arts of the sky is that more certain. I am therefore happy to have participated as artistic coordinator and to have decorated my crippling festival of my Poppies, in perpetual movement.

I would like to thank the entire Notre Dame de Monts team, all the volunteers, all the kite-fanatics and enthusiasts who came, especially David and Pierrot for their confidence.

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“Day at the Garden” at the Logis de la Chabotterie

Between sky and flowers, a day of entertainment in the heart of the Vendée

Welcomed by the Logis de la Chabotterie on this wonderful day of Sunday, June 11th, 2017, it was during the Garden Day that a bouquet of 29 Poppies grew in the meadow of the Logis.
It is therefore accompanied by Lilou and Pierre that we installed the largest version of the Hanging Poppy Bouquet for the first time.
On the ground near the entrance of the site, we also flying the Arches of O in conditions of weak but sufficient wind to sculpt a few elegant lines in the sky of the Logis, thus welcoming the public at the beginning of its visit.

The Logis de la Chabotterie is exalted

In this magnificent place dedicated to the culture, some “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”, and Vendée, also decorated the estate with beautiful floral compositions.

The Vegetable Garden also surprised by its vegetable fantasy led by “Madame Salsifis” and “John Topinambour”.  Madame de la Fontenelle also made a spectacle of her bucolic poetry by presenting Le Soin des Plantes in the 18th century. A culinary animation,  A Tasting Bouquet, was presented by Chef Arnaud Acher.  A discovery of the hives of the house was also on the agenda.  A sculptor of balloons also marveled at small and large by his amazing floral creations.
This day was rich in discoveries and shared pleasures in the sumptuous setting of the Logis de La Chabotterie.


To review : Garden Poppies
Visit the website of the Logis de la Chabotterie : www.sitesculturels.vendee.fr/Logis-de-la-Chabotterie

Art Kites

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