NEW 2019

New colors for the Switch are coming in 2019.
In a color and white version, the Switch Verso is a stable kite in static flight. Without any modification, he is an acrobat who works in all directions and gets out of all situations. It allows many very crazy figures and it is controlled from the first minutes of use. Its storage is very simple: by simply folding and without any disassembly!
Its price: 60 Euros

Scheduled launch: March 2019

Product Description
Additional information

Here is the kite that does not make sense: The SWITCH

It is a stable mono-wire kite when left alone and is a very reactive acrobatic when shaken. Forward, reverse and reverse. Yoyo, axel, fade and other tricks completely crazy are to discover! In short, it is the perfect kite for moments of relaxation in all circumstances since its grip is done in less than 5 minutes and its storage is ultra-fast by a simple folding.
I wish you good moments of games!

The simplified instructions for the Switch are also available for download in PDF format:

Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 1 cm
Weight of the kite alone

106 gr

Package dimensions

Ø = 35cm

Dimensions of the kite

height 41 cm, length 63 cm, width : 51 cm, with medium setting


Aluminium sleeve Ø= 3 mm, Epoxy glass fiber rod Ø= 3 mm


ripstop nylon 40 gr/m²


Dyneema® gainé Polyester 90 DaN

Wind Range

De 1 à 5 Beaufort ( 4 à 40 Km/h environ)

Line Supplied

Polyester 40 kg / 40 mètres

Recommended line

Ligne Dyneema® (polyéthylène) 70 ou 90 DaN / 40 mètres minimum



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