A weekend at "Buffa Venta

3 days at the festival of wind and free flight Occitan : “Buffa Venta”.
It is on the site of Cap Découverte, base of leisure created on the old site of a coal mine, that took place the festival “Buffa Venta”. In the day of Friday, it is not less than 1500 children who were expected for a day of flight. A little rain did not stop the toddlers with their kites made during the year. It is thus a real swarm of small kites which invaded the whole site. A true moment of magic!
On Saturday and Sunday, the R’Sky team filled the sky with its giants, its banner wall “Wind-Wall” and, in the evening, with the majesty of lines stretched in the sky, the “Vlags”. Participating kite flyers deployed their wind gardens and flying creations of all shapes and colors.
Bringing a poetic and bucolic atmosphere to this festive weekend, several bouquets of poppies were distributed on the site. In the background, the Arches d’O dressed the impressive panoramic view of the old mine, accompanying the reverie of the many visitors.

Festival du vent et du Vol Libre en Occitanie

The website of the Buffa Venta festival: waggaclubparapente.fr

Discover the installation of Poppies : www.alain-micquiaux.fr/…/le-bouquet-de-coquelicots-suspendus/

Discover the installation of the Arches d’O : www.alain-micquiaux.fr/…/arches-d-o/

Festival du vent et du Vol Libre en Occitanie


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