Alain Micquiaux’s kite-flying course

1990 :Beginning of the kite, discovery of the acrobatic kite 2 lines.

1991 :Discovery and beginnings of the 4-line acrobatic kite Révolution

1992-1993 : Participation in the festival “Kite Passion” of La Baule and first painting “to the rev” with Pierre Marzin and Edouard Ducreux Picon. First personal manufactures. In 1992, my first job as a salesman in Lorient in the kite trade for the “Sous-Bois” and then in the “Bilboquet” in Vannes or I become the technician tester preparing house.

1994 : First participations in the festivals of Dieppe and Berck sur Mer. Actor of the promotional videos of Bilboquet, I discover the Indoor flight (without wind) as well as many other models of kites 4 lines like the Synergy Déca.First trip to KATAI in Florida and first meeting with, among others, Joe Hadzicki, creator of the Revolution.

1996 : Designer experience for Eolo Gayla (Eolo sport) in Gijon, Spain. I create some models of 2-line acrobatic kites and work on the overall quality of the entire Eolo Sport catalog. I discover the interests and constraints of the industrial production of a kite.

1997, 1998 : I register for the regional competitions “grand ouest” where I get my qualification with an improvised ballet. Qualified for the French championships, I learn that the first (and only to date) WORLD CUP multi-lines, will take place at the Dieppe festival in September 1998. I therefore begin a binding and intensive training of 4 to 6 hours of the daily flight, developing the ballet “Panthère Rose” in order to get on the podium of this unique World Cup. After the French championship and I missed a round, I am second and with the support of the French team of the FFVL, I am selected for the WORLD CUP where, after a fierce fight in terrible wind conditions, I is on the third step of the podium. Winning bet !!

1999 : Winner of the Coupe de France and stop the competition which remains a formidable experience but with far too many constraints and too can of amusements (to my taste). That same year, I took an active part in the organization of a round of the French acrobatic kite championships in Pentrez Letrevet (Finistère) with the association “Océvent”.

Motivated by the creation I begin the project of invention of a kite monofil inspired of the form of a butterfly out of the common: The Morpho.

2000 : The butterfly kite “Morpho” see the day. Motivated by the creation of my own company, I leave the Bilboquet and embark on the adventure. I devote a lot of time in the search for a model 4 lines regrouping the potential “freestyle” of the 2 lines and the multidirectional one of the 4 lines. The presentation of a prototype at the festival of Berck sur Mer attracts the interest of many pilots of high level. It is an ambitious project to the concept still in development…

2001 :The association “Océvent” reiterates and organizes a second round of the championships of France in Finistère. I’m technical director. That same year, I took part in the organization of the first Wind Festival in Penvins in Morbihan. I chair the association Océvent which organizes this festival until 2005. The Feast of the Wind of Penvins continues and celebrates its 15th edition in July 2017.

2002 :On the occasion of an invitation to the festival “Festiventu” of Calvi, I associate 2 friends, Polo and Guyguy to this adventure. I write my first routine “team” 4 lines, trying to include some innovative movements at that time. I also take my little butterflies “Morpho” and, during the concert of “Tryo”, I am invited to go on stage to fly my butterflies during the song “The Hymn Of Our Campaigns”. That same year, I participate during 2 weeks to the shooting of the short film”Beach games” of David d’Aquaro with Bérénice Béjo, Julien Lucas and Dimitri Storoge. Morphos are used for some symbolic scenes of the film.
Together with Alain Garraud, I became President of the Océvent association, which organized until 2005, “Les Journées du Vent de Penvins”.

2003-2004 : The butterfly “Morpho” finds a technical and aesthetic outcome in its largest version. “L’Atelier du cerf-volant” becomes the builder of the 3 models of my Morpho Butterfly and the distribution is then entrusted to the Bilboquet.

2005-2006 : In my research of a 4-line craft, it is by a series of evidences that I discover the steady single-wire flight of model “O”. Only one prototype is needed to develop it. Following my experiments of installations of “Morpho” I decide to build a series of “O” to install them in interlocking and modular Arches. I concentrate then, to the flying sculpture. Tracing in the sky, waves, and other subjective forms, inspiring many ideas such as clouds or rounds of smoke in the sky.

2007 : The design of the “O” inspires me in many other forms. One of them is an exercise in style. In search of a device capable of flying with very little wind and able to withstand a strong wind with the minimum of modifications and adjustments, I conclude my drawing by the shape of the fish. Symbolizing a free nature, living at the rhythm of its element. I build several of them in order to create a Flying Fishbank .

2010 : In association with Michel Boucard and on the occasion of the festival of Notre Dame de Monts in Vendée, I draw and develop 3 immense banners of 150m ² each, in order to enhance the water tower of the community of the Pays de Mont: the Kulmino. The building is 70 m high.
When creating the Morpho Butterfly, creating a flower for this butterfly was obvious. Many tracks were attempted, but none yielded conclusive results. The shape of a flower is not the most “logical” to be a flying form. It was in simplification and symbolic research that the solution appeared to me. Thus was born the Poppy. In the language of flowers it means “fragile ardor”. It inspires rest and tranquility.

2012 : The town of Notre Dame de Monts gives me new confidence and gives me carte blanche to bring a decorative and playful work to the “Garden of the Wind”. It is in record time that I draw and build a suspended sail inspired by the principle of Velum. It symbolizes a certain idea of the progress of an invisible element in this unique place and dedicated to the wind. I carry out a study and put in place the structure necessary to ensure its safety. The installation ‘Les Toiles des Sens‘ will remain exposed for 6 months.
At the Rencontres Internationales de Cerfs Volants  (RICV de Berck sur Mer), the Bouquet of Poppies won the 1st Prize of Creation. This Prize is inaugurated for the occasion.



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