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Mythological symbol

In Greek mythology, she is related to Demeter, the goddess of the Earth. After the abduction of her daughter Proserpine by Hades, the god of the underworld, she decided to give up her duties and soon the vegetation faded. Zeus, worried about the fate of all creatures, decided to convince Hades to return the girl and to have Proserpine stay with her mother six months a year. Demeter, on the occasion of the meeting with her beloved daughter, made the beautiful poppies bloom between the ears, symbol of her immense joy.

The installation

In conditions of insufficient wind or too unstable to expose the installation in its original context of kites in free flight, the Poppies Bouquet Suspended is thus maintained by masts fixed to the ground. All the poppies become autonomous and free from the constraint of the wind. This installation retains an aerial and poetic behavior in the image of the kite animated by the movements of the air. They can, therefore, be installed in almost any place (garden, stage, interior, etc.).

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