The Portiragnes Wind Festival in the Mistrale.

Portiragnes, le Bouquet de Coquelicots

In Portiragnes, it was with a strong wind that the Wind Festival and the Kite Master Show were held. In these extreme conditions, I installed a Reduced Poppy Bouquet so that it could withstand gusting winds of 40 to more than 60 Km / h. However, the sun of Portiragnes was of the part and it is in a very good atmosphere that the Festival has deployed its colors and that the drivers of the Kite Master Show have been very sportily measured. After two days of twists, it is a very successful return of Richard Debray who will win this competition bringing together motivated and talented drivers.

Able to withstand strong wind conditions, the School of Fish held up well during these two days. Waving and waving in very random air currents, the Pisces remained in flight and ensured an unlikely array in an unleashed element.

Festival du vent de Portiragnes

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