Photo crédits

Intellectual property of the work and right to the image.

According to the articles: L111-1, L123,1, L121,1 of the Intellectual Property Code (IPC), the works presented remain the exclusive intellectual property of Alain MICQUIAUX and the photographers mentioned above.

Photo crédits :

Sabine Chancel, Ludovic Delage, Michel Cetri, Stéphanie Rauchewarter, Jean Christophe Richard, Partick L’Higuinen, Benoît Z, Lionelo Borgio, Dodokite, Giancarlo Gasgas Gasperini, Gallard JC, Sylvie, D Raoulas,  Dom, KAP, Denis Dumont, Marion Lecoq, Mathieu Mayet, Michel de Hay.

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