Decoration and Scenography

I offer you a concept of ephemeral staging and animated by the wind, to dress your events.

My intervention, in a scenographic framework allows to translate with force and relevance the intentions of a scenario, thus creating unique experiences.

My flying and mobile pictures include dozens of devices arranged in a monumental, immersive and emotional setting.

In-flight positioning and maneuvers are a performance. The search for shapes and overall design requires constant and special attention dedicated to the movements of the air, the behavior of the work and its interviews.

Implantation, content and drawings are malleable. They adapt to remarkable and improbable places. They are notably made according to the aerological conditions encountered.

cerfs-volants Coquelicots
Festival International de Châtellaillon Plage 2019

Event, association or institutional organizer

My work inspires you or gives you ideas.
For any feasibility study, deadlines and quotes, tell me what you want and discuss it.