The Morpho butterfly is the symbol of my aspirations. In search of evidences and improbable, with lightness and poesy I draw and sculpt in the sky. So I’m making the show where it actually is.

Art in the Wind”

Born of ancestral traditions and cultures, the kite is an ubiquitous artistic medium of many societies. Thus its immense creative potential opens up to a free form of expressions. Free in a fabulous exhibition area, it links us to the sky and its horizons.

I install my works in the wind.

My drawings make the memory of a place and a moment imperishable. Carried by the winds, I bring magic and poetry. With elegance and style, my installations also raise awareness of the value and respect for the environment through the unique approach and subtlety of an element.

In the harmony of the game with the wind comes humility, the improbable and the inestimable ephemeral. It is therefore to changing elements and only masters of places and events that I grant my creations. In other words, it is the wind that decides. Magic comes from nature.


You have an event for installation or creation.
Therefore you are looking for a unique attraction for your event.

I propose the unexpected, creating a fantastic and poetic atmosphere.

My flying boards are at your disposal, they include up to 70 aircraft in a modern and artistic scenic.

Many of my installations can be deployed over hundreds of meters and can be adapted to places notably remarkable, or of more modest dimensions. Thus, they can be exposed in unlikely places.
The layout, the content and the drawings are malleable and modular. They are made in particular in harmony with the environment.

My work inspires you.

For any inquiries about the services, feasibility study, deadlines or specifications, contact me and let me know about your project.

See the Factsheet of the Installations fichier pdf

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