About a flying array creator

Taken from passion in 1990, it is in 1993 that my professional career begins in the world of the kites by a role of technician / salesman at the distributor Le Bilboquet. At the heart of a developing market I am more motivated by technique and forms than by trade. I discovered all the riches of the kites, whether cultural, sporting or playful. Self-taught and passionate, I have been creating and elaborating kites since 1995. A few notions of aerodynamics, a good mastery of technology and an artistic sense make me an atypical creator of the world of the kite. In 1996, I became a designer in collaboration with the industry Eolo Gayla. I am working on the modernization of the range of acrobatic kites.

Curious about everything, I try me in the competition and qualify me in 1998 for the World Cup in Dieppe. In the 4-line acrobatic category, I climb the third step of the podium.
Motivated by the creation of unreleased flying objects, in 2000, the kite Morpho butterfly born of my imagination. So I make my butterflies fly by dozens. Under the astonished looks and comments of passers-by, I discovered a new form of sharing and interest in a new exhibition area. The idea of staging installations and flying boards is therefore obvious.

From needlework, flying designs are enriched and techniques are simplified. From investment in experiments, the installations expand and allow sculptures that can be seen and read over great distances.

Always in search of unlikely places for such artistic developments, I draw on the scale of the landscapes and the horizon.

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Alain Micquiaux Designer
Alain Micquiaux et son Morpho
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