My purchases

Do I need a PayPal account to pay for my purchases?

Having a PayPal account is not required to pay for purchases on this site.
Online payment by credit card is made via the secure PayPal solution and without additional account opening. To do this, during the payment procedure, select the button at the bottom of the secure payment page of the PayPal site: "PAY WITHOUT OPEN ACCOUNT"

What are the delivery options?

Postal services: COLISSIMO
Each package is insured and delivered to the addressee against signature.

The option: On-site withdrawal by appointment
This option is available for any purchase by appointment. It allows to recover the order directly from Alain Micquiaux on the occasion of his travels on the various festivals. (Option only accessible for France)

What are the delivery times?

The maximum delivery period is ninety days from receipt of payment. The delivery time from the shipment of the package varies according to the delivery area:

    • For delivery in metropolitan France: 48 hours

    • For delivery in EEC zone: from 3 to 10 working days
      (Example: destination Vienna in Austria: 4 days)

    • For delivery outside the EEC: 10 to 12 working days

Everything about delivery times. *

Track my order

Orders are made without going through the creation of an account. In order to follow the status of an order, only the order number and the e-mail used are necessary.


My package

Under what conditions will my package travel?

All deliveries of my products are insured and delivered to the recipient against signature.
The products are protected and packed with the utmost care in a suitable cardboard box or a padded envelope depending on the nature of the product.

Where's my package ?

To track your package you need the number that you were provided by E-mail when shipping confirmation of your order.

My Kite

Under what conditions fly a kite?

Better understand the most important element to have fun with his kite.

My Switch is broken, how to fix it?

The Switch is a very strong kite but not shatterproof. Folding and opening are the subject of several tests. The manual signature made on the sail making times of the validity of the controls.
However it is possible that cases of breakage occur.

Most breakages are due to main cases:
- Bad or excessive handling during storage.
- A shock on a sharp or hard obstacle.

Not being able to guarantee the Switch for the first 2 cases, the "spontaneous" break (mechanical weakness) is hardly detectable and distinguishable from other cases.
The fiberglass used is of first choice. It is perfectly suited to the various constraints of the structure as well as to all the brutalities of a radical pilot.

On this page, the instructions for making the replacement:

If this method seems too complicated or if you are afraid of making mistakes, you can return the switch.

Contact me to agree on the return of your Switch.


The knots used

The bridle is broken or a knot is undone? Here’s how and with what to redo it. The bridle used and in Dyneema® or Spectra® sheathed polyester. Its resistance is usually 70 to 90 Kg.The main knots I use are the stitch knot, the knuckle knot, the lark’s head knot, the loop knot, and the whip knot.

The overhand knot

It is useful as a stop to prevent a main knot from disassembling or to limit the position of an adjustable knot.
Used on the noose and the whip knot.

Nœud d'arret

Le nœud de plein poing

Il est utilisé pour créer une boucle, en bout de ligne ou de bride. Associé au nœud d’alouette pour se fixer à l’armature ou au bridage.

Nœud de plein poing

Le lark's head

This is the most useful and important to remember. It is used to attach the line to the fastening of the clamping or to the structure of the kite.

Cerf-volant, Noeud d'alouette
Nœud d'alouette

Arbor knot

It is used to attach the end of the flange to the structure. It is easy to disassemble and allows to simply disconnect the flange of the structure.

Noued coulant à boucle
Nœud coulant

Taut-line Hitch

It is a slip and self-locking knot. It allows to form an adjustable loop. Variations are possible without having much influence on the settings of the Switch or Morpho.

Nœud d'origine du Switch après 2017
Noeud de fouet
Nœud d'origine du Morpho et du Switch avant 2017

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