Switch fiberglass rod replacement

The Switch is a really strong kite but not shatterproof. Too much bending, or a bad fall on a sharp object such as a rock, can cause breakage of the fiberglass


To make the replacement, it is important to use the glass fiber / epoxy “Switch” rod.
Only this fiberglass rod is suitable for the constraints of this kite.


Replacement steps

Step 1

1.1 – Disassemble the Taut line hitch (on both sides).

1.2 – Relax the top Noose knot (broken side).

Remove from the sheath all the pieces of the broken rod.

Use the longest piece of rod remaining and equip it with a fitting at one end (hold the fitting with a piece of adhesive to ensure better gliding in the sheath).
The set becomes “NEEDLE”.

Step 2

2.1 – Through the window, push the needle to the left to the common sheath.

2.2 – Through the hole (at the bottom), slide the new rod to the needle fitting and push it into the fitting.

Step 3

3 – Push completely the new rod to get the end into the sheath (bottom).
(Up, the needle and its fitting are out through the window)

Step 4

4.1 – Push the rod to slide it to the common sheath on the right..

4.2 – Push the needle on the same side and connect it to the rod.

Step 5

5.1 – Push the rod completely to bring out the needle.
5.2 – Balance the ends in the center of the window.

Step 6

Slide the fitting onto one end and replace the flange loop over.

Step 7

Join the two ends and align the assembly to slide the fitting.

Step 8

Tighten the noose knot and repeat the taut line hitch on each side of the switch.

If you are having trouble making this replacement, return the switch.
(Shipping can be done by mail in a padded envelope)

Return address :

2 Rue Jean Lagarde