Flowers to Live at the 12th International Floralies

From May 8 to 19, 2019, I’ll meet you at the FLORALIES. Come all to NANTES for a walk “throughout life”. In association with the Committee of Floralies, I will have the honor to present you a big garden dedicated to the INNOCENCE. We will graze this meadow of Giant Poppies that will swarm a whole swarm of Butterflies.
At the heart of innocence you will find the time of a dream, your child’s soul.

The theme "Flowers to live" is inspired by a quote from Montaigne "If life is only a passage, on this passage at least sow flowers" . It is the illustration of the place and the accompaniment of the flowers in the big stages of the life of the Man.


The Beaujoire Park, created over the years historically around the expansion of the Floralies, will bring together the projects of more than fifteen young landscape designers and giant spectacular ornamental installations: the Poppies Garden XXL, The Tree Wishes, "Heart of Liane" or the Garden of Venus in Tillandsias and many other projects ... About fifty stands will present their novelties around the art of outdoor living.