It is the ideal kite to relax or let off steam, to escape and let yourself be carried away by the poetry of the wind. The SWITCH can fly in all directions. With only one wire retained, it is a kite of dream of all beginners and a must for piloting for amateurs.

Maximum simplicity

Without any assembly, SWITCH opens on its own. Just take it out of your pocket and throw it up in the air. Its storage is done by an ultra simple and fast folding.

Minimal footprint

When folded, the SWITCH is small, circular and flat like a disc. It can be carried in a simple backpack, ready to fly at the slightest opportunity.

For complete pleasure

No need to learn, a little wind is enough to make the SWITCH fly very stable. For uninhibited moods, a few shakes on its line are enough to put it into action and make it become an exceptional acrobatic kite.

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France : WIND-R
Australie : BRISKITES
USA : Into The Wind