Traveling to Spotorno

It was on a warm invitation from the 30 Kite Club that we went to the 19th Festival del Vento de Spotorno. Nestled between sea and mountains, Spotorno is a very charming Italian town on the north coast of the Mediterranean, about 60 kilometers from Genoa.

The festival puts the dishes in the big and welcomes its participants in an exceptional way. We were staying at Hotel Tirreno, with our feet in the sand … where we also enjoyed fantastic meals, representative of the generous Italian culinary culture.

On our arrival, the day before the festival, it was under a radiant sun that we prepared the Bouquet of Poppies and the Arches d’O so that the public can make the most of this Mediterranean weekend, under the sign of wind.

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festival di aquiloni Spotorno

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No Chance

The long-awaited Italian sun was out of the game and the weather was not in our favor. It is by a total and remarkable absence of the wind as well as under a rain recalling the winter Brittany that the week-end was unrolled.
This did not stop us from growing the Bouquet of Hanging Poppies and preparing the O Arches for take-off. The rare courageous public could benefit from a perfectly unusual vision of the Spotorno beach.

After a Saturday already wet, while the evening in full swing in a warm atmosphere, we learn that the festival is canceled for the day Sunday because of a weather alert announcing very heavy rain.
A bit disappointed by this cancellation, so we will spend this Sunday day watching the rain fall. Then, equipped like the sailors under the waterspouts, we will finish this day by the complete disassembly of the wet poppies.

Despite these exceptional conditions during this festival, we will keep a memory of a fabulous weekend in a Mediterranean atmosphere and full of friends.
Thanks to 30 Kite Club, thank you Giancarlo!



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