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Mobile and Volubile

Mobiles for a festival that moves
Mobile et Volubile

It is on the theme of the mobile that the festival A Tout Vent of the city of Notre Dame de Monts celebrated its fifteenth birthday.
On the beach, the presence of the creations of Maurizio Cenci of the Italian association Vulandra (www.vulandra.it) with its extraordinary flying sculptures have brought an inventive, surprising, even humorous dimension to the festival.
The finesse and poetry of the kites of Daniela Zitzman charmed the public walking on the beach. René Maier once again bewitched the whole of visitors with his installations of beating hearts to the ripples of the wind.
The Sentinels of Ramlal Tien also embellished the sky, covering the central space of the festival. Anna Rubin was also present and had her majestic paper and bamboo creations stolen.
There was also this year Jean Paul Richon, who made the sky on the north side of his arches and his deltas Conynes so special, with hundreds of metallic ribbons playing with the rays of the sun. Great!
On the south flight zone, Derek Khun stretched his immense banners in the sky accompanying the entire R-Sky team, which put its energy in the flight of its giant octopuses.
Not to mention the many kite-flyers, coming from near and far, to decorate the sky by the diversity of their creations, to present their ballet alone or as a team, and simply to share moments of conviviality.

Inspired by the theme of mobile, I realized a new installation using my Morpho Butterflies created 17 years ago. Mounted 2 by 2 on a scale suspended from a fishing rod, each couple of butterfly performed a poetic dance similar to the parade of the lepidoptera in the time of the loves.

Mobile Oblique and Bancal

This edition was again the occasion for new spectacular experiences. The Transe Express Company(www.transe-express.com) moved to the festival for his MOB show “Mobile Oblique et Bancal”.
If the combination of this human spectacle with that of the kites was delicate for obvious security reasons, the interest of associating the street arts with the arts of the sky is that more certain. I am therefore happy to have participated as artistic coordinator and to have decorated my crippling festival of my Poppies, in perpetual movement.

I would like to thank the entire Notre Dame de Monts team, all the volunteers, all the kite-fanatics and enthusiasts who came, especially David and Pierrot for their confidence.

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