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Addict-kite Awards 2017

Single-line and builder of the year at the 2017 Addict-kite Awards

A double honor

For the second consecutive year, you have elected to the AK Awards the kite SWITCH the best kite single-line. It is a double honor that rewards this incredible kite to put in all hands. Creativity is again put forward! Thank you !!

Find the Switch in the online store.

A great surprise for a small manufacturer

Among the wide choice of builders, you have taken the party of innovation and creation. It’s a great honor you make me! It’s a recognition of my research work in a field where so many inventions remain to be discovered.

First video for Les Coquelicots in Penvins

Congratulations to Pauline Garraud for her film “Les Coquelicots de Penvins” which received the first prize exequal with the film of the festival “Les natur’ailes”

Many thanks to readers and the Addick-Kite team for their work.

To read : All the results of the 2017 Addict-Kite Awards

Morpho, le papillon cerf-volant de Alain Micquiaux

Marseille 2017 Capital of Sport

Sport and kites

Capitale Europeenne du sport 2017 - Sport céleste

Celestial sport was the subject of the thirty second edition of the Marseille wind festival. For this event or gathering artists and acrobats of the family of the kite of the whole world, a free contest of aerial ballet was organized. Among the pilots of the various usual categories (2 lines and 4 lines: individual, pair and team), I presented in music, an original ballet with my acrobatic single-wire kite, the Switch. Out of twenty participants, it is a very honorable fourth place that rewards my ballet just behind the best pilots world in 4 lines that occupy the first three places. It is therefore possible to perform an aerial dance and to infuse emotions with a single-wire kite in comparison with the performance of very technical gear.

Sport Céleste avec le Switch
© Photo Michel Cetri
Des Coquelicots sur le Prado

Under a radiant sun and a light morning wind, I installed a Bouquet of Poppies on the sand of Prado de Marseille. The wonder of the children was immediately translated by their invasion of the bouquet of giant flowers.

Un aquarium géant

It was in a steady wind that I realized an unusual arrangement of the O Arches. In association with Eolia Concept and its giant marine creatures, I installed all the O’s around the blue octopus creating an unlikely aquatic atmosphere.


To read also, all the articles of my participations in the festival of Marseille: https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/tag/marseille-en/

21st Festival of the Kite and Wind of Châtelaillon-Plage

On the Beach of Châtelaillon

Au 21e Festival of the Kite and Wind of Chatelaillon-Plage, the Bouquet of Poppy flies on the beach.


Tripadvisor Canada Speaks ICI

Festival of Dieppe 2012

Participation in the Dieppe Festival

Here are some pictures of my participation in the international festival of Dieppe 2012. Special thanks to Mr Raoulas for his magnificent photos of my flying fish.


Wind Festival in 2012 Penvins

Wind days of Penvins 2012.

As in its beginnings, the festival of Penvins “the Wind days” regains its letters of nobility in simplicity.Bravo Joel, Jeff and all the new team of organization



Circuit Sea Effect

Participation in the Sea Effect circuit from 23 to 27 May 2012.

“On the hiking trails (1h30) from the Kérarden chapel to the Ferme de la Villeneuve, a route with nomadic and ephemeral installations will allow you to visit familiar sites inhabited by works by artists. Some of these sites have a “story” that will be told to you.”




Favorite for poppies

Favorite for The Reveil of Berck

A very beautiful article appeared in the Berckoise press “The Reveil of Berck” of 18/04/2012 on the occasion of the presentation in flight of my Bouquet of Poppies.
This Bouquet of Giant Flowers will also be rewarded that same year byhttp://www.lereveildeberck.fr/Actualite/canche_authie/berck_sur_mer/2012/04/18/article_coup_de_coeur_pour_coquelicots.shtml

The Bouquet of Poppies at the RICV of Berck Sur Mer