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Addict-kite Awards 2017

Single-line and builder of the year at the 2017 Addict-kite Awards

A double honor

For the second consecutive year, you have elected to the AK Awards the kite SWITCH the best kite single-line. It is a double honor that rewards this incredible kite to put in all hands. Creativity is again put forward! Thank you !!

Find the Switch in the online store.

A great surprise for a small manufacturer

Among the wide choice of builders, you have taken the party of innovation and creation. It’s a great honor you make me! It’s a recognition of my research work in a field where so many inventions remain to be discovered.

First video for Les Coquelicots in Penvins

Congratulations to Pauline Garraud for her film “Les Coquelicots de Penvins” which received the first prize exequal with the film of the festival “Les natur’ailes”

Many thanks to readers and the Addick-Kite team for their work.

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Morpho, le papillon cerf-volant de Alain Micquiaux

The Switch in Test in Kite and Friends

The Switch under test everywhere in Kites and FriendsKite and Friends Septembre/Octobre 2017

The Switch was thoroughly tested in the specialist magazine “Kite and Friends” of September-October 2017. Ralf Dietrich thus “gets to the grinder” this original and truly new kite.

“Genialer Konzept-Kite aus Frankreich”

Known as brilliant, the Switch has obviously made new followers among the reporters of one of the most relevant magazines of the world of the kite. A summary of this article is also available on the Kite and Friends website at : http://www.kite-and-friends.de/news/genialer-konzept-kite-aus-frankreich/
It is possible to acquire a hard copy of this edition on the online site : https://www.alles-rund-ums-hobby.de/de/zeitschriften/kite-friends/kite-friends-ausgabe-05-2017

Test du Switch dans Kite and Friends

What’s more, the Switch had already been recognized kite of the year 2016 by online readers of the online magazine Addict Kite.
See the article
: https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/single-line-of-the-year/

See also: To buy a Switch, go to the online shop https://www.alain-micquiaux.fr/en/shop/switch/