Flying installations :

Creations submitted to the will of the elements. It’s the wind that decides.

The Bouquet of flying Poppies

Celestial and bucolic. Source of universal inspiration.
This is the symbol of Morpheus, the mythological god of dreams.

Arches d'O

Arches of O

Huge celestial sculptures. Aerial fountains or smoke.
The purity of their lines transports the imagination.


Puppets animated by the wind. Human or animal symbol

Shoal of Fish

Fostering symbol with significant role of many cultures.
Topics of stories, legends, books and movies

Mobile installations

Fixed on the ground, they are installed in places without wind and come alive with a breath of air.

Butterfly dance

Butterflies intertwine in an endless love parade.

The Poppies Bouquet Suspended

Poetic mobile, a breath of air animates poppies