The installations

The Bouquet of Poppies

Of all the flying installations, the Bouquet of Poppies is the most highly poetic and bucolic. Source of universal inspiration, it is the symbol of Morpheus, mythological god of dreams. In the language of flowers, Poppy embodies the fragile ardor and consolation.

the installations : The Bouquet of Poppies

The Bouquet of Hanging Poppies

In conditions of insufficient wind or too unstable to expose the installation in its original context of kites in free flight, the Bouquet of Hanging Poppies is maintained by masts fixed to the ground. This installation is thus freed from the constraints and the whims of the wind.

Poppies Hanging from the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Butterfly Dance

It is a flying mobile. The Butterflies seek each other with the wind and intertwine in an endless love parade.

Butterfly Dance

Arches of O

Incredibly light and stable, the installation of the Arches of O inspires sensual pleasure. Immense celestial sculptures. Aerial or fumigant fountains. The purity of their lines conveys the imagination of liberated spirits.

Les installations : Les arches d'O

The Fish Bank

The installation of the Fishbank is a difficult task. Tumultuous or even capricious winds, it is a stable whole in its behavior and improbable in its element. Fish is a nurturing symbol. It plays a significant role in many cultures, as deities, symbols or subjects of tales, legends, books and films.

Les installations : Le banc de poissons