A fantastic world of sky dancers

The Profile project is composed of aerial and wind-driven puppets. The project develops are potential over experiences. Based on the principle that the kite is an integral part of the sculpture, the possibilities for a new use of kites are immense.

The installation

The head is the kite that carries the whole sculpture. The limbs are composed of ribbons of tissue stretched between the head and the ground. Each member is independently controlled by a line.
Among the current experiments, the horse, the praying mantis, etc …



Next installation

Shoal of Fish




En Septembre retrouvez-moi au Festival du Vent de Portiragnes les 7 et 8 et à la Fête du Vent de Marseille les 14 et 15.

Du 05 au 17 Septembre, les livraisons ne pourront être effectuées.
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From 05 to 17 September, deliveries can not be made.
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Festival du Vent de Portiragne
Fête du vent de Marseille
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