Flight Conditions and Security

So that my installations can fly and therefore be the most rich in emotions, the wind must “want it”.
To help you visualize this aspect of the game with the wind, here are images of a wind speed scale and flight ranges of my current installations

Kites work with this energy. By obligation of respect of this condition, I realize a performance in the deployment of a quantity often very important of kites.

Basic safety rules for kite flying.

Use common sense whatever the occasion.

Sécurité cerf-volant lignes électriques

Prohibition to fly near electric lines, telephone, antennas, etc ... The wire of a kite is charged with moisture and becomes electrical conductor.

Sécurité cerf-volant Orage et foudre

Do not fly during thunderstorms. The wire of a kite is charged with moisture and becomes electrical conductor.

Sécurité cerf-volant Aviation

Prohibition of flying near airports, aerodromes, heliports and within a radius of 10 km. Beyond this limit, the maximum legal flight height is 50 to 100 meters according to the legislation and its interpretation.

Sécurité cerf-volant habitations et routes

Do not fly ready for homes on roads and wooded areas. The wind is bad and unstable, kites are easily attached to obstacles. A clear place is recommended.

Sécurité cerf-volant public

Do not fly above the public. When falling, a kite and its lines can cause serious injury.



Du 22 au 31 Juillet, les livraisons ne pourront être effectuées.
Merci de votre compréhension

From 22 to 31 July, deliveries can not be made.
Thank you for your understanding

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