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We want Poppies

Go ahead now, sign and have it signed as far as your eyes are concerned. Your plumber? Obviously. Your pharmacist? Obviously. Uncle whom you have not seen for 12 years? Obviously. Your granny who is bored so much in the back of her retirement home? Obviously.

Sign the call for the ban on all synthetic pesticides.

Website : nousvoulonsdescoquelicots.org

The call : nousvoulonsdescoquelicots.org/l-appel/

Call for the ban of all synthetic pesticides

Pesticides are poisons that destroy everything alive. They are in rainwater, in the morning dew, in the nectar of the flowers and the stomach of the bees, in the umbilical cord of newborns, in the nest of the birds, in the milk of the mothers, in the apples and cherries. Pesticides are a tragedy for health. They cause cancer, Parkinson’s disease, psychomotor disorders in children, infertility, birth defects. Exposure to pesticides is underestimated by a crazy system, which has chosen to leap forward. When a pesticide is banned, ten others take its place. There are thousands.

We do not recognize our country anymore. Nature is disfigured. A third of the birds have disappeared in fifteen years; half of the butterflies in twenty years; bees and pollinators die by the billions; frogs and grasshoppers seem to have fainted; Wildflowers become rare. This world that fades away is ours and every color that succumbs, every light that goes out is a definite pain. Give us our poppies! Give us the beauty of the world!
No, we do not want more. At no price. We demand protection.

We demand from our governments the prohibition of all synthetic pesticides in France. Enough speeches, acts.